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Hello, my name is Eden Madar and this is my story;

Fashion has always been the biggest part of my life and shaped who I am today.
I started my path in the fashion world at a very young age and I've always known that fashion is where I belong.

I started studying fashion design at the age of 15 when I participated in various fashion courses and took private lessons in sewing and fashion illustration. after I finished my service in the army, I enrolled to fashion design studies in studio 6b.
It started with designing casual clothes, special hats and swimwear and up to evening dresses and special suits.
In addition I was the designer of a modest fashion line for traditional women.

I enjoy dressing up and even more dressing up other people and making every person feels the best that I can and highlighting the beauty and sophistication in each one.
Every day, a crowd of loyal and stylish women allow me to do what I love by dressing them up and it makes me wake up every morning with a huge smile!

I built this site for FASHION LOVERS like myself and for those who value unique and rare fashion items that they can't find  anywhere else.

I hope you'll enjoy and have a lovely shopping experience!

LOVE, Eden.